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In his autobiography, Beyond The Comfort Zone, James M Turner writes about his journey from being one of the highest paid session musicians in the UK to surviving in The Golden Triangle of South East Asia. 

As a musician he toured with ‘Bros’ and ‘Take That’ and lived the rock n roll lifestyle but after a painful divorce he decided to take time out and moved to Thailand.

While living in Chang Mai and studying Thai he met up with an ex-Israeli, Franco, and together they worked to bust-up an illegal Child Trafficking ring working across the Burmese/ Thai borders.

Exceptional journey

His exceptional journey is the making of a Hollywood blockbuster and at times I had to remind myself that it’s a true story. 

For an untrained novelist, the book is really well written and Turner’s dialogue leaps off the page. 

His very British sense of humour had me in stitches.  He is amazingly honest and does not shy away from his excesses and, at times, loutish behaviour.

His descriptions of places put me right in there with him among the Tuk-Tuks and street vendors.  Turner also loves food and he had my mouth watering for fish ball soup. 

In short:  Shantaram for South East Asia

Recommend: Yes



Media and Film

The Turner/Kassim compositions 'Twisting' 'Sleep Easy' and 'Bubble', have been licensed to new independent feature film entitled 'Wallpaper'.  "One of the great things about songs is that...


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